9 July, 2019
Everything you need to know about WhatsApp Business solution
WhatsApp Business is a relatively new product that many businesses are considering incorporating into their communications strategy. If you too would like to give this new product a chance, here's the place to find out more. Let's talk WhatsApp Business!
The Ubiquity of WhatsApp
The instant messaging platform currently has 1.5 billion active users across over 180 countries, transcending the market with features that significantly outcompete other messaging channels. The ubiquity of WhatsApp makes it a channel that many businesses have set eyes on as a means to connect with their customers.
WhatsApp Business VS WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Business is a solution dedicated to businesses for them to notify, alert and support customers quickly via a known and trusted platform. It is equipped with exclusive features useful for businesses to provide information about their company and send messages to customers in a compliant manner.
The WhatsApp Business profile is furnished with a set of fields different from that in WhatsApp Messenger. Fields such as operating hours, business description and company website are available for businesses to fill in and provide customers with easy access to their information.
Harnessing the potentials of WhatsApp Business
A member of your omnichannel strategy
In the digital age, customers enjoy a high variety of channel options. They may watch an advertisement about your business on Facebook, leave an enquiry via Instagram's direct messaging and use WhatsApp to contact you for follow up support. Regardless of channel, customers expect businesses to be responsive and conversations to be continuous.
Customers expect omnichannel interactions simply because that's how they communicate with their friends too. They want to interact with your business on the same channels and in the same ways that they use to talk with their friends. And, when communicating with your business becomes as simple as talking to a friend, customers will be more likely to connect with you.
Gain exposure and be discovered
The WhatsApp Business profile allows you to enhance your discoverability by providing an avenue for customers to find out more about your business. Customers can also share your business contact via WhatsApp with their friends and family members, making your business known through the word of text.
Humanize your customer experience
Today, the lack of face-to-face communication has made customers almost homogenous. But customers seek personalized experiences and help beyond automated generic answers. WhatsApp Business provides two-way rich messaging, allowing agents to humanize their support and provide tailored guidance.
Answering your important questions
Before embarking on a new product, there are a few essential questions every business will ask and we're here to answer them. Let's breakdown the costs, restrictions and requirements of WhatsApp Business.
Charges for messages sent via WhatsApp Business
The price of each message is calculated based on the recipients' country. Charges also vary depending on whether your business is initiating a conversation or customers are reaching out to your business.
WhatsApp Business only allows companies to initiate conversations by sending pre-approved HSMs (Highly Structured Messages). HSMs are template messages that enable you to send texts containing both uniform and unique elements. For example, if you are sending an electronic voucher to a list of customers, the HSMs can be programmed with placeholders for your customer's name to maintain a personal touch.
When customers initiate a conversation with your business, a Customer Care Window is activated, and you will be charged lower rates for messages sent during this window. The window is open for 24 hours from your customer's most recent reply.
Type of media and message content allowed
Currently, WhatsApp Business does not allow any marketing messages to be sent and ensures compliance via the HSM approval process. Messages such as notifications and alerts can be sent only to customers who have given you their contacts with two-way messaging enabled once customers reply to the HSMs.
Businesses can utilize WhatsApp Business' rich media capacity to share images and audio while customers can share image, audio, video and locations. Deliver high context conversations for a productive discussion every time with WhatsApp Business multimedia messaging.
Requirements before creating an account
All businesses are required to have a Facebook business ID and a number unassociated to WhatsApp in order to create a WhatsApp Business account. After applying for a WhatsApp Business account, the waiting time for approval by WhatsApp varies on a case by case basis.
Maven Lab offers WhatsApp Business integration alongside a variety of other channels available for your selection. Find out how Maven Lab can help you to develop your omnichannel strategy and transform the way you connect with your customers.
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