5 July, 2019
Managing businesses the smart way with CPaaS
Wondering how companies reach new global markets at lightning speed and handle the overwhelming customer enquiries without breaking a sweat? Chances are these companies are using communications platform as a service (CPaaS) (but they are just not telling you).
It is time we say goodbye to the old ways of managing businesses and welcome the smart way - using CPaaS.
Introducing you to CPaaS
CPaaS is a cloud based platform that is suitable for businesses of just about any size. It comprises of extensive Application Programme Interface (APIs) such as SMS, voice and video. APIs make it possible to interact with infrastructures you already have and easily integrate new communications solutions into your existing applications, systems or websites without making massive changes.
Build up from what you already have instead of creating new infrastructures from scratch because let's be honest, starting from square one to develop new communications solutions can be tedious and burdening.
It's fuss free integration is one of the many reasons why companies reach out to CPaaS when they want to improve their helpdesk. With many companies venturing into the world of CPaaS in hope to reap it's various benefits, it is anticipated that the value of CPaaS will reach US$4.5 billion in the US by 2020.
A glance at today's competitive environment
Today, seamless customer support is essential if you want customers to have a glowing impression of your company. Products and services are insufficient as a competitive edge, customer support is what lasts. As a result, it is vital to manage both employees and customers well for business success.
Customers care about what they can buy but they also care about how a company makes them feel. Having a variety of products and services may be attractive but actions like sending reminders to customers about their upcoming appointments will make them feel cared for and reflect the company's thoughtfulness.
Research has shown that good customer experience grows customer loyalty. In fact, 73% of 15,000 customers surveyed said that good customer experience is key to influencing their brand loyalty. The numbers speak for itself. It is no wonder companies today place significant emphasis on connecting with customers on an interpersonal level. Customer support has become the key to customers' hearts and the fuel to propel company growth.
Traditional customer support
Traditional helpdesks see customer support agents working on hectic schedules with an imbalanced agent to customer ratio. It is draining for employees and error prone with customers falling through gaps in a split communications environment.
Switching between platforms is time-consuming and inefficient for companies with presence on multiple communications channels. It is like having to bring a bunch of different tools and components just to listen to music. Isn't that inconvenient? Today, all we need is our phone and some earpiece to listen to music. CPaaS can make customer support equally convenient too.
Managing customer support with CPaaS
Many companies see customer enquiries as a pain to deal with. But, I will argue that it's a good sign. When customers have queries, it simply means that they're interested. It is an opportunity to gain new customers! Make answering customer enquiries enjoyable with CPaaS. CPaaS enables your agents to communicate with customers in real-time across multiple channels on a single interface. Give your customers the freedom to move around and choose the channels they prefer while you stay put.
Sometimes, all customers want to know is the opening hours of your shop or the store location. Simple queries like these can be easily resolved by text messaging. However, text messaging can sometimes be insufficient to clear doubts, especially for queries that require lengthy explanations. Under such situations, customers can make a call and seek verbal clarifications from your agents.
Other times, customers get frustrated trying to explain over a call the problem they are facing to the customer support agent. At the other end of the line, not being able to see the problem makes it a challenge for agents to deliver appropriate advice. Under such circumstances, customers can make a video call to the agents. This enables agents to analyse the problem visually and provide customers with on-the-spot guidance.
All these interactions are made possible with CPaaS integration. With CPaaS, customers will get to seek help and agents will be able to respond effectively and efficiently. Embrace customer support as a key component of successful business management and immerse your customers in a seamless experience like no other.
Work smart with CPaaS today.
Si Min is an intern at Maven Lab. She loves animals but prefers to admire them from afar. A creator at heart, you can find her either typing away or crafting up a storm at home.

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