24 June, 2019
See past the present and anticipate the future of communications - CPaaS
Today, the first touchpoint between you and your customers is almost always virtual. Companies have become condensed into pages of search results and one could only hope for their website to be clicked on by potential customers. Not only so but companies are now dealing with well-informed customers who have probably visited a few other similar companies and are just weighing their options. And still, the interaction does not stop here. With the development in communications technology, customers approach companies from all directions and all channels, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and more!
Move from Product Centricity to Customer Centricity
A company is no longer defined solely by its products and services. Customers evaluate companies inside out which means, how companies communicate with customers has become more important than ever.
In response, companies need to manage customer enquiries and ensure no customers get disconnected along their way. One moment, you receive a Facebook message inquiring about your latest product, another moment you receive comments on the Instagram post you posted about an ongoing promotion. Regardless, customers want their questions to be answered quickly and accurately. As a result, companies are actively present on multiple social media and communications platforms. It is inevitable to feel the need to be equally if not more present.
Seamless customer support is now a necessity, not a luxury. To remain competitive, companies need to provide top notch customer support with minimal resources. It is insufficient to be just present. Companies need to be able to respond effectively and efficiently to customers on all channels. Interaction defines a company's presence.
The CPaaS Approach to Better Customer Service
Communications platform as a service (CPaaS) is a customer communications solution that will help you to maintain high customer service standards. Fret not, there is no need to knock down all your existing infrastructure and start from scratch. Neither do you need to hack a hole in your company's finances for new products and tools. CPaaS is here to allow you to anticipate the future of communications with confidence.
Even though customers are enquiring from multiple channels, CPaaS allows businesses to engage with them in a unified manner. See customers all on one interface, interact with them and store customer information systematically for future business analytics. Additionally, CPaaS enables real time update of customer information aligned with their latest enquiry which facilitates streamlined communication. Customers can now experience connected conversations despite interacting with different customer support agents.
CPaaS is a cost-effective option to your customer support needs at minimal expense where you will be able to consult CPaaS providers to develop a solution unique to your business. Embed the communications solutions into your existing business tools and get ready for an improved experience for both employees and customers. Exceed the expectations your customers have by providing them with a seamless customer support. At the same time, simplify the process for your customer support agents by allowing them to have access to every interaction from all channels on a single interface.
Create meaningful connections and make your presence count with CPaaS.
Si Min is an intern at Maven Lab. She loves animals but prefers to admire them from afar. A creator at heart, you can find her either typing away or crafting up a storm at home.

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