18 June, 2019
What is CPaaS and how you can benefit from it?
What is CPaaS?
CPaaS stands for Communications Platform as a Service. It is a cloud-based platform that allows developers to connect the features of communications (voice, messaging and video) to the applications they own without generating backend interfaces and infrastructure.
CPaaS providers offer support and documents of the product to assist developers through the entire development process. These companies provide libraries and software development kits (SDKs) to help developers build applications on various mobile and desktop platforms. With CPaaS, developers can now prioritize the development of their applications instead of focusing on the IT infrastructures.
The development of the CPaaS industry runs parallel to the trends in communications. Communications today is interpersonal and requires dealing directly with customers. So, unified Communications and CPaaS can be integrated to provide customer service that is all embracing. CPaaS continues to be on the rise fuelled by the demand for company presence and interaction across multiple platforms to enhance customer experience.
How Businesses Can Benefit from CPaaS?
In today's world, businesses put a great deal of thought into customer interactions throughout the customer engagement process. CPaaS enables contact centers to be integrated with chatbots, generating answers to customer queries automatically to deliver more effective and efficient customer experience.
Pricing models offered by CPaaS are affordable and flexible, allowing developers to only pay for the features they need. CPaaS can be rapidly adjusted to match dynamic business situations, and its ability to meet today's ever-changing business needs is one of the reasons why this technology is growing in popularity.
CPaaS presents a holistic development framework for generating synchronous communications features. Developers can accelerate their entry into the market as they do not need to spend time on building communications features from scratch. CPaaS also authorizes security and multi-tenancy, enabling businesses to use the service within their preferred, safe and virtualized surroundings.
The use of a cloud-based CPaaS vendor as an intermediary is essential for companies seeking global presence. Companies can introduce innovative products and take them to an international market quickly with the help of CPaaS.
Maven Lab's CPaaS Solution
Maven Lab CPaaS integrates all your communications channels, giving you the benefit of synchronous communication features. This eliminates the need to switch between channels so you can focus on personalising customer experience.
In today's digital world, where customers seek clarification and certainty, virtual interaction comes first. They connect with companies across various channels, pausing along the way, before making their final decision or purchase.
Along the way, disconnected interactions customers experience with a company causes a break in the customer's path towards making a purchase. When customers reach the final touchpoint, they have already evaluated information gathered through interacting with various companies. Thus, omnichannel customer engagement has become a business necessity for companies to connect potential customers to products or services. It is essential to those who want to manage the ideal journey for customers and secure every opportunity that comes their way.
Maven Lab's ready-made cloud communications APIs enable you to quickly and seamlessly add new channels such as SMS, Email, Voice, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Line, Telegram, WeChat and Web Chat into your existing applications or systems. Reply to your customers' Instagram enquiries, Facebook messages and more all in one place. CPaaS is the comprehensive solution where every customer experience can be made exceptional.
Si Min is an intern at Maven Lab. She loves animals but prefers to admire them from afar. A creator at heart, you can find her either typing away or crafting up a storm at home.

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