Stay connected to customers worldwide with
instantly provisioned virtual mobile numbers
Stay connected to customers worldwide with instantly provisioned virtual mobile numbers
Send or receive text messages across the globe to reach out to customers at scale.
Transform the way you manage customer communications with Singapore's leading business messaging platform
Send and receive text messages directly from your computer screen
Deliverability at speed
Enjoy speedy messaging and receive notifications for incoming messages straight from Maven Lab's messaging platform. Stay updated on every conversation and deliver timely responses for a seamless customer experience.
Message repository
Past conversations are useful for performance reviews and training purposes. Keep both incoming and outgoing messages within the messaging platform for easy access and safe storage.
Outreach flexibility
Whether you are addressing a group of customers or just having a one to one conversation, the messaging platform has just the right tools to help you get the job done.
Contacts management
Imported contacts will be automatically included in the lineup of recipients for your message blast. Keep customers in the loop and update them with the latest information effortlessly.
Auto responder
Keep conversations continuous and assure customers that their responses have been received. Craft messages to be sent automatically upon customer response to optimize manpower while maintaining effective communication.
Pre-scheduled blasts
Schedule message blasts in advance to save time and plan ahead. Achieve maximum outreach by arranging for messages to be sent on the days and times with the best opening rates.
Message customization
Communicate information unique to each of your customers. Easily create personalized messages with placeholders to vary specific elements in the content to cater to different customers. Achieve efficiency and preserve the aspect of a personal touch synchronously.

What are some ways your business can use virtual phone numbers?
What are some ways your business can use virtual phone numbers?
SMS-based promotions
Promotional competitions are a popular way to engage customers and create publicity opportunities. Use virtual numbers to facilitate SMS-based promotional competitions and determine winners fairly with quick text answers.
Time-sensitive messages
Time sensitive messages such as confirmations and warnings cannot afford to be delayed. Ensure messages are delivered punctually to your customers for a seamless experience.
Online purchase and order tracking
Further the convenience of online shopping by providing SMS confirmation and order tracking updates for your customers. Make their day with a simple reminder that an exciting package is coming their way.
Appointment reminders and confirmations
One can easily forget about an arrangement made weeks ago. Send confirmation and reminder messages to your customers to keep them updated on their upcoming appointments.
Gather valuable customer feedback
Use virtual numbers to send customers SMS surveys with easy to answer numerical scale questions that they can reply to. Enjoy high response rates with SMS surveys to facilitate the collection of representative data vital for future business improvements.
Why choose Maven Lab?
Instantly available numbers
Save the hassle of liaising with telecommunication companies or registering for foreign numbers. Maven Lab offers ready to use numbers for a variety of countries so you can acquire numbers for your local and international needs effortlessly.
Worldwide reliability
At Maven Lab, we provide clients with solutions they can rely on to deliver seamless conversations to customers across the globe by text messaging.
Market rule compliance
Different countries come with their own set of rules and restrictions. We liaise with our partner carriers to ensure adherence to all regulations. Achieve market rule compliance and quality outreach with virtual numbers.
Experience driven service
For over 10 years, businesses have chosen Maven Lab as their go-to provider for their communications needs. Enjoy tried and trusted services with Maven Lab's virtual numbers.
Honestly, the possibilities are endless.